Saturday, January 24, 2009

From Pixar animation Studios makers

Hold on to your husbands ladiesor at least you ladies who may have husbands working on director Guy Ritchies upcoming film, Sherlock Holmes. New from Pixar animation Studios, the makers of kids classics such as Toy Story and Monsters Inc, is a tale of our not-too-distant future Mankind has abandoned Earth, which is overflowing with waste and rubbish, and takes to the stars in fully automated galactic cruise liners. The veteran funnyman was stopped by airport police in the city in July (08) after they found an unloaded firearm in his bag. Dystopian future where religious fundamentalists and faceless corporations rule check. Shes being build up to put over Beth Phoenix before she takes time off once again. A source reports him saying Im the one who created the term.

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